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J/C Wells Real Estate OfficeWelcome to J/C Wells Real Estate's Web Site. As a visitor to our site you will be able to find information about us and our company, our current listings, find financial help, and learn more about the town we are located in, Webster City. Our office was founded by Jerry A. and Carol Wells in 1984. We have been in business for almost 29 years, and have met a great bunch of people; and are looking forward to meeting you as well. We provide excellent services in a radius of 20 miles of Webster City, which includes the communities of Blairsburg, Dubcombe, Jewell, Kamrar, Stanhope, Stratford, Williams, and Woolstock. To your left is an image of our office conveniently located at 1724 Superior Street, Webster City, Ia. J/C Wells Real Estate Company SignTo your right is an image of our company sign. We hope that you enjoy visiting our website, feel free to hit Ctrl+D to bookmark our website. If you have any futher questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail or if you don't have an e-mail address, feel free to contact us by phone.